Vrylium 76


Jaquez the Survivalist

Since the Fallout 76 beta in 2018, Jaquez wandered post-war Appalachia in search of optimal gear, rare plans, and scenic locations for C.A.M.P. homesteading. Years of strife and uncertainty forged them into a formidable cartographer equipped for any adversity, whether the source is environments warped by irradiation, freakishly mutated abominations, or unsavory fellow humans.

West Virginia's various ongoing ecological and geographical disasters, both mitigated and exascerbated by the former inhabitants of Vault 76, have enveloped the land in a constant state of flux. Starvation, disease, and violence are a constant threat. Educated settlers are dwindling, and raider populations are growing. But independent pioneers still dot the mountains like beacons for travelers searching for safety in numbers, or another seasoned mercenary to aim at the monstrosities arising from prime fissures. Jaquez is one such individual, never content to sit back and let others attain the endless glory of adventure.

Level 714

as of May 4, 2023

3 Day(s)

since last crash

Level Milestones

 Perk Loadout
 Weapons & Armor

Alpine Cabin

Jaquez's homestead is a cozy ski-themed cabin located in the Savage Divide, just southeast of Big Fred's BBQ Shack, and a short hike southwest from Site Alpha. The cabin's defenses are minimal; a lone laser turret vigilantly surveys the most common path of approach. To compensate, muted warm tones, wood, and dried leaf accents camouflage the cabin within the decaying forest, reducing the likelihood of attack.

Semi-concealed by chainlink fencing and huddled against the side of the cabin is a crafting station, equipped with stash boxes, an ammo locker, and interesting Tinker's Workbench + Armor Workbench, and Chemistry Station + Weapon Workbench hybrids. In another alcove, near the back of the cabin, is a Power Armor station supplied with toolboxes and a glass-paned roof piece, allowing plenty of natural light to illuminate Power Armor frames while they're being maintained and customized.

Near the cabin's entrance is a merchant window through which useful schematics are sold at low prices to travelers. As an avid proponent of homesteading, Jaquez wishes to aid all visitors in the great collective effort of reclaiming and restoring the blighted lands to self-sustaining farming communities, and believes knowledge to be the most potent resource available in an era where the continuity of literacy and engineering advancements is imperiled.

During autumn, the cabin is festively decorated in celebration of Halloween. The sacred tradition of trick-or-treating is alive and well in post-war Appalachia, where it serves as a welcomed community-building exercise. Treats, snacks, and drinks are liberally shared amongst the wastelanders, but one must always be wary of trapped C.A.M.P.s built by raiders looking to loot unsuspecting victims.

The low-profile exterior belies a vibrant, colorful interior full of curiosities collected over years of adventuring. A hearth warms a single, yet open and spacious room with a huge back window. At most times of the day, the Yao Guai, Son of Fluffy, can be spotted prowling the hillside through this window.

To date, there have been no aggravated encounters between Son of Fluffy and Jaquez at the Alpine Cabin. The two keep a respectful distance, as though aware of each other's lethality and role as local defense against the occasional wolf pack, Super Mutant scouting team, and roaming ghouls.